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The most utilized solutions that we provide are listed below. We always start out by discussing your particular situation, recommending options, and coming up with a plan together. We are creative – if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for below, let’s see what solutions we develop together!

Concerned about the current state of your bookkeeping?
Don’t worry that your current bookkeeping is not organized enough for us to help you.
We are not intimidated by boxes of receipts, or even flat-out chaos!


  • It’s easy to get behind on your bookkeeping. We frequently enter multiple months or years of bookkeeping to get you up-to-date – always a great stress-reducer for clients! In addition to entering all bank and credit card transactions, we’ll reconcile bank accounts and produce financial reports.

 “Every time I leave a meeting with Julie, I feel empowered as a business owner and more secure in my
abilities to maintain my accounts.”
Angela Santucci, Santucci Music Studios


  • You or your office staff may be doing the day-to-day bookkeeping, but you don’t have an accountant on staff. A quarterly or semi-annual periodic check-up will keep you on track with good financials. We’ll check account categorization, review financial statements, check payroll balances, and look for common QuickBooks and accounting errors. We’ll mentor you or your staff, as desired.
  • A bookkeeping check-up and clean-up is also a great option if you need a solid Balance Sheet and Income Statement (Profit & Loss) for a bank loan, your CPA or tax planner, or a business sale. We may help you re-structure your accounts and reports to make them more useful. Many clients find it helpful to walk through their financial statements with us to gain a deeper understanding of what those reports provide.

Monthly or Periodic Maintenance

  • We offer monthly or quarterly bookkeeping to keep your books up-to-date. We customize the tasks for your needs, but this often includes entering all accounts receivable (invoices), accounts payable (vendor bills), bank transactions, credit card transactions, and payroll records. We always reconcile bank accounts, and make sure financial statements are accurate.
  • Many of our clients have us do a monthly reconciliation and check-up. Your office enters the majority of the QuickBooks data; we’ll provide bookkeeping oversight by reconciling bank accounts, verifying payroll, entering those tricky or one-time transactions, watching financial statements for accuracy, answering bookkeeping questions, pointing out issues that you may want to discuss with your CPA, and reviewing reports with you as needed.

Special Projects

  • Barry’s 30 years of IT experience have been put to work helping clients who have special technology needs. For example, he can program custom Excel spreadsheets, using QuickBooks data or other input, to meet unique reporting requirements.
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Focus on what you do best.
Gain peace of mind about your finances.

Fully insured and bonded

Certified Bookkeepers

Certificate in Non-Profit Management

Certificate in Project Management

Member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Congrats To Our Clients!

Our Congrats and Thanks to Melissa & Lee Katrincic, owners of Durham Distillery, on their generosity and ingenuity, in light of the recent spread of COVID-19.

Durham Distillery distills Conniption gins from a 95% ethanol base. Having this ethanol available enabled them to develop a highly effective sanitizing solution which kills microbes upon spraying and evaporation.

As an extra layer of protection for our community, Durham Distillery has been donating this solution to hospitality colleagues for sanitizing purposes - and will continue to do so as long as they can. Fantastic!

Find out more on their website.