Client Testimonials — Set-up, Catch-up, Clean-up

  • Trustworthy, professional and reliable

    Julie Dudley and the team at Silver Pearl Inc. are trustworthy, professional and reliable in overseeing my accounting books and confidential patient records. Susan and Julie have been working with me since I opened my practice and knowing I can rely on them to stay on top of the numbers and keep me informed allows me to focus on my patients and their endodontic therapy.  It’s such a relief at tax time to have everything in order and ready for my CPA. In dental school we’re taught dentistry, not how to manage the books of a dental practice. Fortunately I have Silver Pearl to handle that side of my business.

    --- Keenon L. Johnson, DDS, MS, Raleigh, NC

  • Julie catches every detail
    “My partners and I opened a new financial advisory practice in March 2011. Although we were saving receipts and recording transactions related to start-up costs, we were just too busy running the business to put any sort of structure in place for tracking all of the costs. Julie, with Silver Pearl Inc., came in, sorted through everything and put it in order so that it was easy to access and in a format that could be turned directly over to our CPA. She is so thorough that she even found a couple of things that we didn’t realize were missing–like the payment record for the purchase of one of our computers. She noticed we had payment records for only three computers when she saw four in our office. Julie catches every detail!”

    --- Email us for a reference contact for this business owner (restricted by parent company)

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Congrats To Our Clients!

Our Congrats and Thanks to Melissa & Lee Katrincic, owners of Durham Distillery, on their generosity and ingenuity, in light of the recent spread of COVID-19.

Durham Distillery distills Conniption gins from a 95% ethanol base. Having this ethanol available enabled them to develop a highly effective sanitizing solution which kills microbes upon spraying and evaporation.

As an extra layer of protection for our community, Durham Distillery has been donating this solution to hospitality colleagues for sanitizing purposes - and will continue to do so as long as they can. Fantastic!

Find out more on their website.